CYW Essay Competition

CYW Essay Competition

CYW is proud to announce its inaugural annual policy essay competition.

The competition aims to inspire new policy and political thinking and promote the ideas of young Conservative women around the United Kingdom.


Essays will be judged by a panel of Members of Parliament with a cash prize for the three best essays. Winners will also have an opportunity to pitch their policy proposals to the senior leadership in the No 10 Policy Unit and Conservative Party Policy Board. 

The essay topics have been inspired by the politics of Margaret Thatcher and invite entrants to offer up innovative policy suggestions in response to some of the most pressing challenges our nation faces.


Essays will be judged on:

  • Originality of ideas

  • The extent to which the ideas are feasible, efficient and fair

  • The quality of research and persuasiveness of the writing


Entrants are invited to write an essay of 800 – 1,200 words in response to one of the following questions:


1. “We Conservatives hate unemployment.” Margaret Thatcher

How can we address youth unemployment following the Covid-19 pandemic?


2. “The larger the slice taken by government, the smaller the cake available for everyone.” Margaret Thatcher

What Conservative tax policies will best allow the country to recover from the economic impact of Covid-19?

3. "The Tory Party is not, of course, an English party, but a Unionist one." Margaret Thatcher

What policies would best help protect the Union? (You may refer to all four Home Nations or focus your answer on one in particular.)


4. “The right legal and financial framework has to be provided for productive enterprise to develop.” Margaret Thatcher

How can we make Britain the best country in the world to start a business?


5. “That people should be able to own their own homes is deep at the heart of Conservative philosophy.” Margaret Thatcher

How can we make this philosophy of home ownership a reality for young people in Britain?


6. “The defence budget is one of the very few elements of public expenditure that can truly be described as essential.” Margaret Thatcher

What role should defence play for a strong Global Britain?

Entries should be submitted via the submission form on this page. The competition will close on January 28 2021 at 23:59.


Bim Afolami MP

Siobhan Baillie MP

Theo Clarke MP

Dehenna Davison MP

Alan Mak MP

Anthony Mangnall MP


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