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Essay Competition FAQs

I haven't received an acknowledgment that my essay has been submitted. Have you received it?

We receive a great many submissions. We will write to all candidates by Monday 8 February 2021 when we announce the Short List. If you have not received an email by that date, you are welcome to email us to confirm that we did receive and consider your essay, but please check your spam folder first.


Are footnotes or bibliography or reference list counted towards the word limit?


No. Only the body of the essay is counted.  ​

Is it necessary to include footnotes in an essay?

You don’t need to include footnotes, but you should give your sources of any factual claims you make, and you should acknowledge any other authors on whom you rely.


How strict is the age eligibility criteria?


Candidates must have turned 18 on or before 28 January 2021 and not have turned 36 before 29 January 2021.


May I submit more than one essay?


No. If you submit more than one essay, the first essay received will be the one that is judged. Any subsequent entries will not be read.

Please email if you have any additional questions. 

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