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Conservative Young Women Thank Theresa May As She Leaves No10

Prime Minister Theresa May arrives in 10 Downing Street for the first time. Photo: Crown Copyright

As the second female Prime Minister departs No10 for the last time, Conservative Young Women offer their thanks for her dedication to the party, the country and for encouraging women to engage in politics and put themselves forward for public office.

Theresa May at the launch of Conservative Young Women in 2013.

"Theresa May has been the most dignified and dedicated PM we could have hoped for. Every person entering politics from now on will have a new bar to reach when it comes to public service. She has been a particular inspiration to young women and girls who know that, in the UK, there should be no limit to their ambitions."

Ella Robertson, Chairman

"I would like to thank her for her service. Theresa May has been a determined and driven Prime Minister. She remains a dedicated constituency MP, knocking on doors every weekend. She also has a proud legacy of supporting women into public life through Women2Win and as a champion of women's issues."

Holly Whitbread, Deputy Chair Political

"Thank you Prime Minister for your service. For showing us that perseverance and dignity despite opposition and for proving that women belong in politics."

Sophie Richards, Deputy Chair Membership

“Theresa May taught me two important life lessons. Believe in yourself, and if you know you’re doing the right thing, then you’ll draw strength from that and you’ll go further than you could ever have imagined possible. She was the second female Prime Minister. The third will owe her more than they will ever realise.”

Aine Lagan, Head of Communications

“As a woman trying to make it in politics, Theresa May has been an inspiration to me - she has made it to the top, one of only two women to do it, and during such a challenging time; she has shown incredible resilience.”

Seena Shah, President

“I admire her perseverance and courage.”

Lauren Beadle, Westminster Liaison

"The Prime Minister's unfailing dignity and sense of patriotism is something all people in public life should aspire to."

Andrea Borbely, Universities Officer

"Theresa May is a symbol of dignity, compassion and fair mindedness, a true example of modern Conservative values. I thank her for her consistent championing of women in politics and society, and she will be be greatly missed."

Emma Mi, Diversity Officer

"No one can question Theresa May's commitment to achieving real change for women in our society. The domestic abuse bill is a groundbreaking piece of work which May introduced in her final week, to ensure her hard work on this issue continues after her time in office. This bill is a fantastic legacy she can be rightly proud of."

Roisin Buckley, Regional Chair London

“Thank you Theresa May for your resilience, pragmatism and hard work in serving the country over the last few decades! You are a true inspiration for young women looking to make a difference in political life and beyond.”

Alexandra Marsanu, Deputy Regional Chair: London

“Thank you Theresa May for showing that courage has no barrier, be that gender or otherwise. You have not only left a path for many aspiring women to follow, but also a legacy to be proud of. Thank you for taking the job in what seemed like the darkest hour.”

Nikeeta Phagura, Regional Chair : Essex

“Thank you for your service to our country and for changing the conversation around the NHS, from a mysterious machine to which the solution was always more money, to something we need to care for, understand and modernise to get the best possible outcome for every patient.”

Rosalind Redstone, Regional Chair : Cheshire & The Wirral

“I would like to thank Theresa May for her service and duty to our country. Her commitment and perseverance is a highly commendable attribute.”

Alannah Lewis, Regional Chair : South Wales

“I hope history doesn’t judge Theresa May in a negative way. She has been such a massive inspiration over the last few years and I would like to say thank you to our second, but certainly not the last, female Prime Minister.”

Charlotte Earl, Regional Chair, Cambridge

”You are truly an inspiration, as despite the challenges you faced, you have persevered, defended our party, inspired women throughout the nation, and have always done your best. Thank you for serving as our Prime Minister and demonstrating that women can be successful in politics”

Hollie Bolitho, Regional Chair : Surrey

“Thank you for everything you have done in your term as PM! I feel so inspired by you - not only for being the second female PM but also because you took on the role knowing it would not be an easy job”

Zeena Mistry, Regional Chair, Leicestershire

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