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CYW Candidate Profile - Mia Rees

"I am always keen to get more young women involved in politics and know what a critical role Conservative Young Women play in that."

Mia is 31 years old and a Councillor in Cardiff. Her career has involved working for Welsh charities focused on homelessness and supporting young people into education, training and employment. Mia is standing for Cynon Valley for the Welsh Conservatives in the 2021 Welsh Parliament elections where she is focusing on jobs, health and education. In her own time she enjoys mountain biking and hiking with her husband and dog.

Why did you get involved in Conservative Young Women?

I was in invited by CYW to be part of a panel event and from there I’ve not looked back. I have really enjoyed being part of Women 2 Win Wales and recently the Conservative Women’s Organisation re-launched in Wales which has been fantastic. I am always keen to get more young women involved in politics and know what a critical role CYW play in that.

How have Conservative Young Women supported you in standing?

They have offered me help with campaigning in the upcoming Welsh Parliament elections which I really appreciate.

What kind of jobs have you had in the past?

I have been lucky to have had jobs both in and out of politics. I started my career as a caseworker to and MP and am currently an Advisor to a Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister. In between I have had the opportunity to work for amazing charities including those supporting people experiencing homelessness and helping young people access education, training and employment. I currently sit on the advisory panel for and active travel charity and on the board of a Welsh youth charity.

How do you think we can encourage more young women into politics?

To start with we need to tackle the abuse and rubbish that too many young women have to deal with in politics. I have seen too many impressive women decision not to stand for election because of the horrible way they are treated and the impact it has had on them and their families. We also need to remember why people go into politics - to change people’s lives for the better. And that is the message we need to make sure is loud and clear.

Why did you decide to get involved in Politics?

My family was always small ‘P’ political. Growing up we would discuss things in the news around the dinner table and were encouraged to give our opinion and listen to others. My Mum was a teacher and I remember discussing with her if she was going to vote for or against her Union’s proposed strike. When it came to choosing my A-levels my school didn’t offer politics so I went to the local all-boys schools so I could do it – I have not looked back since.

Why did you decide to stand to be a Member of the Senedd?

Such incredibly important matters are devolved to the Welsh Government and I think the COVID-19 pandemic has brought these it to sharper focus. In Wales we have health boards in special measures with record high waiting times – this is not good enough. We have a new curriculum being introduced into Welsh school despite the massive disruption to learning over the last year and out dated infrastructure across the country with is stifling the Welsh economy. I know that Wales can do better and I want to see an end to 20 years of Labour dominance in Wales.

What would you like to achieve as a Member of the Senedd?

I want to support job creation, improve education and deliver a Welsh NHS that is well funded and delivers the best possible care. I want to be an hands on Member of the Senedd for Cynon Valley, listening to residents, attracting new business and providing excellent education.

How are you going to communicate with your constituents?

At the moment I can’t speak to residents of Cynon valley face to face but and enjoying speaking to people on the phone, via email and online. However, once it is save to do so I look forward to hosting weekly surgeries, attending events across the constituency and meeting as many people as possible.

Who’s your role model/ political hero?

Ruth Davidson has always been a huge inspiration for me. What she achieved as the leader of the Scottish Conservatives was incredible and her energy and passion for everything she does is awesome.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I enjoy exploring the countryside with my husband on dog; sometimes with a bike, other time with my muddy walking boots. I also love dress making and sewed my own wedding dress – since then though my projects since have been much smaller!

What is your current favourite Netflix show?

At the moment I am watching, Snowpiercer, RuPaul’s Drag Race and the Vicar of Dibley

If you went on Mastermind, what would your subject be?

West End Musicals (1980-2020)

Conservative Young Women are dedicated to encouraging and supporting young women in the Conservative Party. We are on a mission to get more women into public office at every level and we provide support to anyone who wants to stand.

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