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CYW Committee 2020-21 - Chairman's Welcome

CYW's Chairman, Ella Robertson McKay, explains the new CYW Committee Structure and introduces the new members.

I'm delighted to be introducing you to a new cohort of Conservative Young Women who will lead the organisation over the next year. Like me, they are passionate about the role that young women have to play within the Conservative Party and are excited to grow our membership and support young women into public life.

Expanded Leadership

I'm delighted that Sophie Richards and Holly Whitbread will continue in their roles as Deputy Chairs, following their fantastic work as candidates in the General Election 2019. They will also be joined by Lauren Beadle who has been a dedicated member of the CYW Committee over 2020, organising some our our best attended events and our Conference Programme. We are also honoured that Dehenna Davison MP has agreed to be our Honorary President; her invaluable support will help strengthen CYW over the coming year. Fleur Butler, National Chairman of CWO also continues as Honorary President.

We have also added to our leadership team in the form of a group of very talented Vice Presidents: Aine Lagan will expand her role and take on Vice President, Communications; Emma Mi similarly becomes Vice President, Outreach & Diversity, and we welcome Nicole Richer and Christine Wallace as Vice President, Campaigning and Vice President, Events, respectively. Izzie Parncutt will serve as the CCHQ Liaison.

New Regional Structure

With the support of our parent organisation, CWO, we have reorganised our regional structure to ensure that the whole of the UK is served by CYW and that our structure corresponds with the CWO regions already in operation. Our new Regional Chairs will work closely with the CWO in order to maximise opportunities for CYW members to get involved in Party life, particularly with upcoming elections and campaigning. The new Regional Chairs are:

East Midlands - Laura Victoria Ashby

Eastern - Nicolle Moyo

London - Alexandra Marsanu

North East - Rebecca Hutchinson

North West - Rosie Redstone

Northern Ireland - Michaela Wright

Scotland - Rachael Hatfield

South West - Jenny Rackham

Southern - Isabel Hobson

Wales - Abigail Mainon

West Midlands - Charlotte Earl

Yorkshire - Zeena Mistry

They will also be supported by the new Universities Officer, Emily West, who will increase CYW's engagement with university Conservative Associations.

Additional Remits

The team will continue to work on events, communication and thought leadership and we look forward to working on two new areas: Ellie Varley becomes our Mentorship Officer and Samantha Conlon is appointed as Policy Officer.

The communications team will be supported by Hannah Fisher, Social Media Officer and Rosie Redstone who takes on the role of Digital Officer in addition to her role as Regional Chair, North West. Harriet Main will serve as the new Blogs Officer.

The Events Team continues to be supported by Jasmine Rahman as Socials Officer; she is joined by Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi who will serve as Events Officer.

One of our key objectives is to enable more women to run for and win elections. To that end we will be focusing on supporting candidates in the upcoming elections in May. CYW will also continue to support and take part in the excellent Development Series offered by CWO.

Most importantly, we want to grow CYW into a thriving network which is a source of friendship and fun for all involved.

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