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CYW Re-launch at Conservative Women’s Conference 2019

CYW were out in full force at the first ever Conservative Women’s Conference which took place in Birmingham on 15 June.

CYW members took part in policy discussions on crime, education and health. CYW Environment Officer, Daisy Peck, led a roundtable on environmental policy which produced innovative suggestions on Conservative approaches to ensuring we reduce plastic consumption and educate consumers about the carbon footprint of purchases.

Party Chairman Brandon Lewis gave his warm endorsement of CYW’s new website and Deputy Chair for Women, Helen Whately commented:

There’s been a fantastic turnout of women at the Conservative Women’s Conference. It’s been great to see such a huge range of backgrounds and ages.

I’m delighted that lots of young women are here, I can see many of them will make great councillors and MPs in the future. I look forward to working with CYW in the year to come!”

Mims Davies, Minister for Sport, took part in a panel and offered the following endorsement of CYW:

It’s brilliant to be in a room full of inspiring bright energetic ladies keen to go further in the Conservative Party! There’s a place for them all, so it’s great to give them guidance for their next steps. It’s especially great to be with Conservative Young Women as they launch their new website and calendar of events to help develop and connect young women in the Party.”

CYW Chairman, Ella Robertson ran a public speaking workshop to introduce the new CYW Development Series which will offer skills training to help young women in their professional lives and prepare for public roles.

New events were added to the CYW Calendar including a new Policy evening on housing with Councillor Joy Morrissey and a collaboration with CWO West Midlands at their summer networking event.

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