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Welcome to Conservative Young Women (CYW), part of the Conservative Women’s Organisation (CWO), dedicated to encouraging and supporting young women in the Conservative Party. We are on a mission to get more Conservative women into public office at every level and to support Conservative women to play a full part in the Party.

Our membership age range is 18-35. We welcome members from around the country and from every walk of life.

CYW wants to see equal representation and voice for women within the Conservative Party, as well as within Parliament, devolved nations and local governments.

We organise regular events to provide training, development and networking opportunities. We are also a social organisation and organise activities to help get to know other members. Our leadership committee is based in London and we have regional Chairmen around the country helping to organise events and connect CYW members.

I actually think better in high heels.

Theresa May

Our Objectives

1. To identify, train and mentor young women for public roles
2. To encourage more young women to join the Party and participate fully in it.
3. To build on the young female voice in the Party by encouraging women to participate in

Our Values

To promote equality of opportunity for all.

What We Do

We connect young women in the Conservative Party to enable them to learn more about political life and help them understand the opportunities available to them.

CYW Committee

We are run by young women for young women.

Join CYW today!

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