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CYW Welcomes Nature Announcements

Conservative Young Women welcomes the Prime Minister’s environmental announcements to restore nature across England:

"Conservatism and environmentalism go hand in hand. The raft of measures set out by the government today demonstrate this.

The government has announced funding for a further 34 Landscape Recovery projects. These projects will cover an area the size of Greater Manchester with new and restored habitats, such as woodlands and rainforests.

This is accompanied by the creation of a new National Park - a manifesto commitment - and a new National Forest. Biodiversity Net Gain legislation will also be laid in Parliament this week helping much needed housing developments to be more nature friendly.

Recognising that 18% of children living in the most deprived areas never spend time in any kind of natural space, the government is taking steps to help children experience the benefits, which are both mental and physical, of the great outdoors.

Combined together, these commitments are delivering on our conservative mission to steward the landscapes we inherit and to leave the environment in a better state for future generations to enjoy."

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